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Attributes of an Effective Logo


 Coming up with a good logo can be a tiring and time consuming process. A logo is something that is very crucial to the company and should therefore be designed well. It is part of the identity of the company. An effective logo should have the following attributes.


An effective logo at should be able to sell the organization for a very long time. When coming up with a logo, you should design it in such always that it looks modern anytime a person sees it. The longer it sells, the better for the creation of brand awareness. You should therefore desist from including certain gradient and shadow drops which are likely to become obsolete in the shortest time possible. An over styled font should also be avoided.


An efficient DIY Logo should be simple but unique. The work of a logo is only to drive the intended massage home. It basically works like a stamp that provide a clue or the purpose for the business or name. A complicated logo fails to clearly bring out the message hence it proves difficult to work with such a logo. However, apart from being simple, logo ought to be unique since it carries with itself the identity of the organization. It is therefore not wise trying to copy other organization's work. you are in business to make a profit and since you are not operating alone, the kind of logo you employ will either make you gain lose customers when faced with competition. An effective logo can keep you in the market even during stiff competition.


A logo should be consistent. It must be in such a way that it provides consistent service. The consistency issue has made some companies to come with guidelines regarding how a logo ought and ought not to be used. The successful use of the logo relies on its consistence. The consistent applications help the consumers in relating a brand mark with the company. To understand more about graphic design, visit


An effective logo must have wide range of application. It should be able to fit on almost everything of the company. For instance, the logo should be able to fit in something as small as a pen or as big as a billboard. It should also be able to convey the intended message on television or on a car wrap. The versatility of the logo can be ensured by the kind of font or color used. The layout is also important when you want to bring out the versatile nature of the logo.